Resolve conflicts in peaceful ways that retain respectful relationships.

  • for individuals and groups Resolving Problems with Mediation and Training in Prevention of Violence Skills
  • Training to Enhance Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence
  • Skills Neighborhood and Organizational Conflict/Problem Solution Family Conflict Solutions (not court related).
  • Workplace Conflict Mediation Victim-Offender Conferences to provide a voice for the victim, the offender, and the community to mediate the repair of harm
  • Primary Violence Prevention and Development of Civility through Kid’s Peace Camp.

Mediators’ Background

All mediators have at minimum a 30-hour training program and have shadowed an experienced mediator for at least an additional 10 hours of mediation.


Mediation Fees will depend on the income level of the disputants. Both parties are responsible for their half of the fee. Victim-Offender Conferences require only the offender to pay a fee. Kid’s Peace Camp is a day camp for 2nd through 5th grade children with High School Age Camp Counselors and Adult Resource people. Picture is of Campers 2006 after completing a cooperative project by their six teams)