About Us

CSI is a Central Illinois, not-for-profit professional practice whose mission is to provide innovative building blocks for civility in relationships through research, counseling/coaching programs and public education that develop emotional intelligence, respect for self and others, and development of communication and behavior skills for the individual, family, and organization.

Board of Directors

  • Cheryl Gaines, CEO/President,
    Non-voting ex-officio
  • Josh Krueger, Chairperson
  • Sarah Baer
  • Lyndsay Bloomfield
  • Laura Duvendack
  • Dana King
  • Kimberly Pfeifer
  • Kristin Richey

Professional Counselors

  • Cheryl L. Gaines, M.S., L.C.P.C.
  • Julia Madden Bozarth, M.A., M.S., L.C.P.C.


A not-for-profit professional practice established under Illinois law in 1993 by four professional women who believed in civility in society. Two of the women were psychological counselors (Cheryl Gaines and Kathy Tornquist), one was a mediator and lawyer (Debra Sudduth) and the other a not-for-profit executive director with a masters degree in Social Psychology (Carol Reitan). They believed that an organization was needed to help some people acquire the skills and attitudes to become more civil as individuals, families, organizations, and communities both as they treat others and internally as they treat themselves. On the earliest governing board, they invited a political science professor (IWU's Tari Renner), a judge who championed mediation (Judge James Knecht), and a businessman (a State Farm Assistant VP Donald Cook). Over time the members of the board change but the vision and mission remain the same.


The corporation by-laws state that 6-12 members constitute the governing board. They are chosen by present members as members resign or their three years terms are completed or they leave the board for whatever reason. Although the terms are for three years there is no limit to the number of terms a person may be on the board.

Board members are to govern on behalf of the "community in general" and in accord with the vision and mission of the corporation. The major duties of the Board of Directors are 1.) to appoint, and evaluate on at least an annual basis, the President/CEO, 2.) oversee and approve the fiscal policies and financial responsibilities of the corporation including securing adequate physical facilities and funding processes, and 3.) to review annually the rules, processes, and results of the board of directors' work.


The vision is of a society acting with civility toward each other at all levels of social organization from families to organizations to communities to the total society.


Additional funding from State of Illinois and local governmental grants … individual, organizational, and corporate donations .… client insurance and fees … professional service fees.